Hanging Scroll

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Originally hung in ancestral halls, ancestor portraits were painted posthumously and then hung in the temple to be venerated at important annniversaries and weddings by the sitter’s descendants. Portraits were intended for use in ancestor worship rituals, to reinforce a sense of hierarchy and order within a family, and to maintain a link between the realm of the living and the dead. Although the ancestor paintings serve as striking works of art, they can also be viewed as a window into the Chinese artistic canon through the range of techniques, composition, and media used. These variations also highlight the regional, social, and technological differences inherent in each of the paintings


  • Culture: Chinese
  • Geography: China
  • Circa: 18th - 19th Century
  • Size: 27" W x 85" H
  • Weight: Approximately 4 lbs
  • Materials: Water Painting on Silk Paper

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