Beni M'Guild Hanbel

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This Hanbels (Blankets) display an interesting synthesis of the several design schemes and overall oblique lines. This Kilim is a very typical example of Beni M'Guild Tribe. The pattern is divided into vertical bands containing geometric motifs, especially diamonds. However the vertical movement is abruptly broken by a band of horizontal panels whose patterning carries the eye away at oblique angles. As some researchers have suggested, this design element symbolizes the limits in the space available for the nomads.


  • Size: Large and rectangular
  • Pattern: Heavy overall decoration/Area of intense patterning forming compartments that are filled with plain stripes.The names might be completely descriptive or convenient.
  • Structure: Weft-faced patterning, plain weaves
  • Circa: Early to mid 20th century
  • Material: Wool and cotton
  • Remark: Dark coloring is characteristic of Beni M'Guild Kilims

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