Zaiane Hanbel Blanket

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Occupying the higher elevations of the Middle Atlas Mountains, the Zaiane must contend with severe winters; therefore, their weaving reflects the harshness of the winter climate. Similar to their carpets, these blankets are thick with long thread yarn, reconstructed with veritable fleece. The back is rough and shaggy while the front shows the design very clearly. The floats on the reverse produce a thick padding that would be extremely warm. The Zaiane patterns are all obscure with overall design based on triangles, diamonds and oblique linear movement.


  • Size: Long and narrow medium and rectangular
  • Pattern: HField, composite diamond patterns, as overall decoration or arranged in wide bands, separated by plain narrow stripes.
  • Structure: Weft-faced patterning, plain weaves
  • Circa: Early to mid 20th century
  • Material: Wool and cotton

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