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About NOA Global

NOA Living enriches lives by giving products new soul.

A heritage of three generations guides NOA Global, as we endeavor to improve living wherever we do business. We strive to provide needed goods, and to enrich the spirits of our customers through the discovery of unique items of living that help define the environments around them.

We operate in five continents, and we span a range of offerings. Our import business specializes in textiles, handmade rugs, furnishings and rare and antique objects of art, all possessing cultural and historic significance. We are also a source and dealer of modern furniture, accessories and objects. We provide eco-sensitive surfaces and custom products for the discriminating home owner or professional. And we recycle textiles and provide export capabilities to a range of countries worldwide.

NOA Global has a mission of continuous improvement in our processes and in how we impact cultures and climate. Please learn more about our mission by reading our stewardship statement.


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