Qum Persian Carpet:

Qum Persian Carpet: "Supernatural Garden" Qum Holy City, Iran - Traditional Rugs and Textiles

Qum Persian Carpet: "Supernatural Garden" Qum Holy City, Iran

W6'-8" x L 10'-0"Hand knotted of Mulberry silk; asymmetrically knotted, extremely high thread count

Persian culture is world renowned for its textile artistry. This stunning carpet was conceptualized and constructed by the Shirazi Atelier from the Qum District of Iran. It was specifically designed by master weaver Shirazi - part of the golden age of Qum Persian carpet design and is one of the most notable in the NOA collection. Possessing an extremely high thread count, this extraordinary rug is centered by a floral motif that develops poetically throughout. Overlaid upon a deep black diagonal background, are symmetrical arcs of interconnected flower stems. Uniquely, the center is clearly marked by a “rug within a rug,” serving as a visual pun for the viewer. The piece is also known as a “pictorial carpet” or “rug tableau", designed to be hung on the wall. The process of stylizing the formal motifs of such textiles requires a deep knowledge of craft as transmitted via oral tradition through centuries of Persian culture.