Implicit in NOA Living’s design philosophy is the belief that every culture is important, deserving of expression and celebration.

We believe that a room comes to life when the objects in it cross boundaries of time and place, deliberately breaking the rules of consistency.

We know that whether modern or antique, there is no substitute for authenticity, a quality imbued by a strong tradition of craftsmanship and excellence of materials.

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Energy Fields Collection

19th Century Inlay

Modern Carpets

Ethnographic Objects

Modern Accent Pieces

Customize Your Rug

Customize Your Rug

The foundation of a great room is a great carpet. If you’ve got a special color palette in mind or a unique piece of furniture that’s a challenge to match, let’s talk.

Customize Your Rug

Natural Fibers & Sustainability

As we source and develop new products and services, we evaluate them in a context of sustainability to ensure that they complement our portfolio by providing ongoing benefits to our artisans and excellent value to our consumers.

Customize Your Rug
Customize Your Rug

News and Musings

Curious about the ideas behind the Energy Fields Collection? Check out our short documentary, “Thousand Year Old Lichen and Momentary Ripples: The Making of Energy Fields”, a video event produced for the January 2021 virtual trade show COVER Connect. Our creative process starts with a walk in the forest and after a series of transformations, generates a tactile object made of wool and silk.