Whether you’re creating a space that resonates with harmony or artfully juxtaposes objects in opposing styles, color always plays an important role.

If there’s a carpet design that speaks to you, but you’ve got other colors in mind, you’re in luck! We’ll work with you to customize a rug to your color palette. Our designs are available in custom colors, sizes, materials and knot counts, for a variety of projects and a range of budgets.

If you’d like to collaborate from home, why not schedule a virtual design consultation here.  Tell us what you’re thinking. We’ll come up with ideas and together, let’s create something special.

kims house 1a
kims house 2a

Interiors customized with bespoke rugs, wall hangings and antique statues. Images courtesy of Parke-Desimone residence.

kims house 8a
kims house 7a

Sliding exterior front door, customized with traditional Dogon doorfronts. Images courtesy of Parke-Desimone residence.