Sideboards and Bookcases

NOALiving offers a unique selection of Sideboards and Bookcases made by Bontempi Casa. These pieces combine the latest modern manufacturing methods with an Italian tradition of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our collection of sideboards and bookcases features the latest designs by Bontempi Casa, from Ancona, Italy. Established in 1963, Bontempi Casa has a global reputation for innovative use of materials and classic modern style. Designed with storage and display in mind and available in a multitude of modular configurations, these sideboards and bookcases will add functionality and beauty to any space.

Pica Sideboard, Designed by Studio E-ggs
69 x 202 x 52 cm Hardwood sideboard with hinged doors. $5,029.00

Enea Sideboard, Designed by Bontempi Casa
19.7 x 63 x 20.9 ″ Storage unit and tall boy in matte, lacquered hardwood. Drawers' front panels in glossy, lacquered glass.

Charlotte, Designed by Shannon Sadler
69"x13.4"x94.5 "min to 130" max Bookcase housing, lacquered metal containers. Ceiling or wall fixed.

Lexington, Designed by Studio Contromano
71.7 x 88.6 x 15 ″ Bookcase with customizable, lacquered, metal frame. Sold

Madison Cocktail Cabinet, Designed by Studio Contromano
64 x 40 x 16 ″ Sideboard in hardwood, 2 hinged doors, inside shelf in clear glass, mirrored inside back. $7,243.00

Cosmopolitan Sideboard in glass, Designed by Studio Contromano
27.2 x 72.4 x 21.7 ″ Sideboard with hardwood frame, three hinged doors and 45° degree cut. Groove opening system.

Madison Superior Cocktail Cabinet, Designed by Studio Contromano
64 x 40 x 18 ″ Supermarble sideboard with two hinged doors, clear glass shelf, mirrored back. $14,818.00

Amsterdam Chest of Drawers, Designed by Silvia & Maurizio Varsi
27 x 105 x 20 ″ Modular, hard-wooden sideboard with four cabinets and optional, open shelving units.

Cosmopolitan Sideboard in SuperMarble, Designed by Studio Contromano
27 x 96 x 21 ″ Sideboard with hardwood frame. Outer panels in SuperCeramic or SuperMarble.