About Us

Sam about 2

Sam Nehme, CEO

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Fida Nehme, Design Principal, Partner

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Eva Sutton, Creative Director, Partner

NOA Living was founded by Sam and Fida Nehme. Originally from Beirut and trained in the United States as an architect, Fida is profoundly interested in patterns and ornament as cultural signifiers. With her refined sense of color and abiding fascination with natural structures at every scale, Fida is NOA Living’s original creative force. As the heir to an enterprise of world-wide traders for three generations, Sam established NOA Living as a successful business and global brand. Sam’s specialty is strategic planning and international trade. After exhibiting internationally as an artist and teaching over two decades as a professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, Eva Sutton joined NOA Living in 2018 to complete the team. Eva’s current focus at NOA Living is on conceptual design, materials innovation and sustainability. Fida and Eva collaborate on all creative design and product development as partners in the company. Sam serves as NOA Living’s CEO and Director of Business Development.

We are immersed in issues of contemporary design and dedicated to modern values of sustainability, but our roots in the textile trade go deep. In 1902, Sam’s grandfather, Ibrahim Nehme left Syria for Mexico where he established a textile empire still active today. In 1954, Sam’s father, George Nehme, left Lebanon for Liberia and founded a successful global textile trading business. His special interest was the master craftsmanship of Iranian carpets, which he personally sourced and distributed to Europe and the world. George expanded the business to the United States, working with his friend and colleague, Amer Gupta, an accomplished lawyer, wool merchant and carpet manufacturer in India. Today, NOA Living continues to build on George and Amer’s friendship, working closely with the third generation of the Gupta family. NOA Living’s long-term relationships with our partners in Africa, India, the Middle East and the Americas give us the experience and perspective to support our unique brand, with a clear focus on ethical trade and responsible making.

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George Nehme

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Amer Gupta