Gary Three Seats with Two Cushions, with chaise longe 3 electric motors

Gary Three Seats with Two Cushions, with chaise longe 3 electric motors

31.1 x 71 x 39.37 ″Top Leather Type c, carezza 210NOALiving is a furniture brand that offers customizable and modular sofas and carpets designed with modern, eclectic style and attention to detail. Their commitment to comfort is matched by their passion for Italian craftsmanship, as all their products are crafted to the highest standards.

The GARY sofa is a leather version of the Arnold sofa, with a contemporary and sober style that includes a distinguishing front foot. The Arnold sofa, on the other hand, features decorative pulls and is available only in fabric or microfibre. Both sofas are characterized by their high-quality construction and attention to detail.

NOALiving understands that furniture is not just a practical necessity but an extension of personal style and creativity. Their sofas and carpets are designed to be unique and tailored to individual tastes, with endless customization options available. Additionally, they offer a collection of matching cushions and other design furnishings to add an extra touch of luxury to any living space.

In summary, NOALiving offers high-quality, customizable furniture designed with modern style and Italian craftsmanship. Their commitment to comfort and attention to detail make them a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their home.


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Dimensions 39.37 × 71.0 × 31.1 in



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Top Leather Type c, carezza 210