Hashi in Prism, 11 ft. x 14 ft.

Hashi in Prism, 11 ft. x 14 ft.

11 x 14 ″Virgin New Zealand Wool / Hand Knotted, Tibetan Knot, 121 knots / in2“Hashi” means both boundary and bridge in Japanese. Our “Hashi” rug begins with one fringed edge--a play on traditional carpet fringe. Their exaggerated width and length emphasize the cartoon-like, cutout quality of these super-fringes. They serve as the starting point for beams of bright, translucent color extending out from the edge and refracted at odd angles, playfully crossing over each other to span the width of the rug. The design is both lively and colorful yet compatible with many palettes, adding a minimalist, dynamic touch to a space. Hand-knotted by our weavers using the Tibetan knot, this carpet is made from virgin New Zealand worsted wool and natural Mulberry silk. High density knotting (121 knots per inch and above) produces a clarity of shape and continuity of color not achievable through lower knot counts (80 and below). We believe that “slow fashion”, made well with long-lasting materials and chosen with the future in mind is the obvious choice for us as responsible makers and you as aware consumers. Our carpets are modern heirlooms meant to last for generations.

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Dimensions 14.0 × 11.0 in



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Virgin New Zealand Wool / Hand Knotted, Tibetan Knot, 121 knots / in2