FUFU Stool in Grasshopper Green with Gray-Green Legs

FUFU Stool in Grasshopper Green with Gray-Green Legs

25 x 26 x 19 ″Introducing the delightful Fufu Stool, a playful and charming creation by Architect Fida Nehme, unveiled at the Architecture Design Show in New York, 2012. This enchanting piece captures the essence of elegance and whimsy, reimagining the very concept of design as a delightful experience.
The Fufu Stool in Grasshopper Green with Gray-Green Legs is an eye-catching display that captures the heart and imagination with its perfect balance of playfulness and simplicity. This engaging piece pays tribute to the 20th-century design movement, honoring its timeless aesthetics while daring to innovate and bring a fresh perspective to modern design.
The inviting base of the Fufu Stool is expertly carved from a single piece of premium hardwood, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to the finest details. The base consists of four sturdy, conical-shaped legs, which gracefully taper as they touch the floor, elegantly supporting the charming Grasshopper Green seat and creating a captivating contrast that effortlessly enhances any space.
Atop the base, a concave surface embraces the comfortable seat, filled with the softest, long-haired, curly Tibetan hide. This delightful hide adds a touch of warmth and invites you to relax in the unparalleled comfort it offers. The base's other side features four inclining planes that converge at a point, evoking the image of a water droplet frozen in place, adding a subtle element of sophistication to the design.
Adorning the top of this inviting creation is a plush, cozy seat crafted from the softest Mongolian sheepskin, encouraging you to indulge in the unmatched comfort it provides. The delicate, wispy fibers of the sheepskin gracefully sway in the light, adding an ethereal touch of whimsy and charm.
Each Fufu Stool is carefully handcrafted, ensuring that every piece is a unique expression of playfulness and elegance that will be appreciated for generations to come. This delightful stool is not merely a piece of furniture; it is an experience – a journey into the world of whimsy, elegance, and joyful living.
Welcome the enchanting world of Fida Nehme’s Fufu Stool and delight in the harmonious fusion of whimsy, simplicity, and elegance. This charming piece is the perfect statement for any refined space, capturing the hearts and minds of all who appreciate its playful charm.



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Weight 41.0 lbs
Dimensions 19.0 × 26.0 × 25.0 in



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