Royal Feather Hat, aka

Royal Feather Hat, aka "juju hat" or "tyn", Bamileke People, Cameroon

16 x 29 x 29 ″Hand tied chicken or guinea bird feathersThe Bamileke are a grassfields people who inhabit the West Region of Cameroon. This object is commonly known as the “juju hat” or “tyn,” and functions socially as a fashion ornament utilized in royal festivities and rituals. By cultural tradition, these hats are believed to represent both the beauty and fragility of the avian world - and by extension, our own. "Juju" hats are hand crafted from raffia, woven as a base or support structure. “Afterward, feathers taken from a chicken, guinea bird, or other wild avian are dyed and attached to the base. A leather strap is often attached to the back and is used to pull the hat open to its full breadth” (Afro Chic: 2020).


"History of the Juju Hat." 2020. Afro Chic. Brooklyn, NY 11216



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Weight 9.0 lbs
Dimensions 29.0 × 29.0 × 16.0 in



Hand tied chicken or guinea bird feathers


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