Double Headrest Bed  (Senufo People, Ivory Coast)

Double Headrest Bed (Senufo People, Ivory Coast)

25 x 101 x 38.5 ″Hand carved of hardwood.These beds are designed and constructed by the largely animist, Senufo People from West Africa, particularly in the regions of Ivory Coast, Mali and Burkina Faso. The simple elegance of this bed enhances its sculptural quality as a functional work of art. This unique version features a flat, smooth surface and a divided set of headrests intended for two sleepers. The monumental bed with its tapered legs is carved from a single tree trunk. The bed is marked by a rich, dark brown patina with no signs of indigenous repairs. In traditional Senufo culture, these beds were used for important rituals such as births and weddings and were considered a symbol of wealth and status. They were also used for sleeping and relaxation. Senufo beds are now highly sought after by collectors and museums, and are considered to be important examples of African tribal art.


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Weight 380.0 lbs
Dimensions 38.5 × 101.0 × 25.0 in

20th Century


Hand carved of hardwood.


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