Ancestor Stool (Ashanti People, Ghana)

Ancestor Stool (Ashanti People, Ghana)

17 x 22.5 x 10 ″Hand carved from a single, hardwood block of the "sese” or “tweneboa” tree.The Ashanti People of West Africa originated from the Empire by the same name and presently inhabit the southern region of the Republic of Ghana. These unique stools are hand carved from a single, hardwood block of the “sese” or “tweneboa” tree, then hammered with embossed, silver clad.
This specific piece, known as the “Leopard Stool,” is directly linked to a king, chief or person of high stature within Ashanti culture. The leopard is revered as a powerful predator who sees in the dark, moves by stealth from the upper world of trees, to the middle world of earth, and swims in the underworld of water. This cubist like sculpture of the beast renders a friendly, noble posture. The thickness of its legs and strong neck convey a sense of strength and stability, virtues associated with the royal person or high ranking official who may have owned it.

“African Ceremonial Stools and Chairs.”

Kingdom of Ashante": BBC Motion Gallery: 2017


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Weight 16.75 lbs
Dimensions 10.0 × 22.5 × 17.0 in



Hand carved from a single, hardwood block of the "sese” or “tweneboa” tree.


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