DUSK: A Symphony of Minimalism and Elegance in Sofa Design

DUSK: A Symphony of Minimalism and Elegance in Sofa Design

30 x 109 x 79 ″Italian full grain leather. made in ItalyThe DUSK sofa embodies a seamless blend of minimalist aesthetics and luxurious comfort, making it an ideal choice for sophisticated, modern settings. Its design, characterized by clean lines and a contemporary flair, is available in various configurations, including a state-of-the-art electric relax version.
Both the fixed and relax models of the DUSK sofa feature an innovatively designed headboard, equipped with a manual ratchet system. This allows for adjustable comfort, offering two distinct height options to cater to personal preferences.
What sets the DUSK sofa apart are the meticulous details that elevate its minimalist design. The precision of the visible stitching imparts a touch of refinement, while the sleek metal feet contribute to its overall sense of elegance and visual lightness.

Dusk (1338) 3 seat 2 cushions 1 Arm RHF Electric Recliner Leather C NIBE Verdi 4453
Dusk (0877) Corner and chair LHF


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Weight 300.0 lbs
Dimensions 79.0 × 109.0 × 30.0 in



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Italian full grain leather. made in Italy