Plaza, 1 Low Arm Chaise Longe, 2 Cushions

Plaza, 1 Low Arm Chaise Longe, 2 Cushions

26.5 x 120 x 39 ″Fabric B Normal, Dark BrownPlaza boasts a vast selection of over 500 distinctive coverings, providing limitless possibilities for tailoring your sofa to your personal preferences and elevating your individual flair. At NOALiving, our utmost dedication lies in creating sofas that exude both comfort and style, meticulously crafted with an unwavering focus on detail and craftsmanship to ensure bold and visually captivating products.

In addition to our sofas, we offer a collection of designer hand knotted Tibetan carpets, including matching cushions, to infuse an extra layer of luxury and sophistication into your living space. Each item is crafted with the same care and expertise synonymous with Italian craftsmanship.

We recognize that furniture is more than just a functional object, but an expression of personal style and taste. Therefore, we take great pride in crafting truly unique and bespoke sofas and carpets that reflect your personality. With our commitment to quality and design, NOALiving sofas and carpets are the ideal addition to any luxury home.

The PLAZA low arms sofa features modern and comfortable lines, thanks to its deep seat and wide armrests. It is modular, allowing for customization to meet individual preferences and needs. The covering options include leather, fabric, or microfiber. With the addition of square or rectangular footstools, the sofa gains greater versatility and inspiration. The exclusive quilted leather covering showcases an original design with intertwined bands.

LHF 78.35"x40.55"x26.77"(0345)
Chaise 44.49"x70.47"x26.77"(0969)


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Weight 320.0 lbs
Dimensions 39.0 × 120.0 × 26.5 in



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Fabric B Normal, Dark Brown