ALUM: A Modern Fusion of Structure and Comfort for the Contemporary Living Space

ALUM: A Modern Fusion of Structure and Comfort for the Contemporary Living Space

26 x 125 x 98 ″Italian full grain leather. made in ItalyALUM, a modern masterpiece in sofa design, presents an innovative interplay of spatial dimensions through a clever balance of void and substance. This sofa features a meticulously crafted, geometric silhouette where the stark, squared contours of its seats harmoniously blend with the plush, gentle curves of its armrests and backrests. This fusion of cozy comfort and structured form defines the unique aesthetic of ALUM.
Elevating its design further are the sleek, slender metallic legs that gracefully lift the structure, imparting an almost ethereal suspension above the floor. These elegant supports cradle the soft armrests and anchor the sofa's vertical presence.
In a celebration of geometry and comfort, ALUM's backrests are outfitted with manually adjustable headrests, allowing for a customized lounging experience tailored to individual preferences.
ALUM is the quintessential choice for those who appreciate the beauty of precise lines coupled with inviting comfort. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, this sofa stands as a central piece in any living room, effortlessly reflecting your unique style and personality.

Alum (0431) 3 Seats 2 cushions Leather Pearl #8498 RHF
Alum (0608) Corner
Alum (0738) Peninsula LHF


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Weight 300.0 lbs
Dimensions 98.0 × 125.0 × 26.0 in





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Italian full grain leather. made in Italy