Nora, Swivel Chair with Relax two motors Recliner.

Nora, Swivel Chair with Relax two motors Recliner.

43.3 x 29.13 x 36.6 ″Leather full grain / designed and produced in ItalyNORA is an exquisitely crafted relax armchair designed to provide you with customizable comfort during your relaxing moments. Its swivel base is available in different colors to match your home decor perfectly. The armchair is built with a double frame structure called "frame in frame" that ensures durability and stability. The seat is equipped with two independent electric motors that control the movement of the backrest and the seat separately.

For ease of use, the controls are located on the inner side of the armrest and include buttons to open and close the seat and backrest. The chair also has a 'reset' button that returns it to its initial position. During operation, the buttons light up for added convenience. The electric mechanisms are powered by a long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery, allowing you to use the armchair away from a power outlet.

In addition to its impressive functionality, NORA is designed with your comfort in mind. The upper part of the backrest can be manually reclined forward using a ratchet mechanism with an integrated return spring, making it ideal for reading or watching TV.

At NOALiving, we are committed to providing unparalleled quality and attention to detail. Our designer carpets and sofas are crafted with precision and care, making them a true work of art. Elevate your living space with our selection of matching cushions and furnishings, and create your dream living environment. Whether you opt for a Tibetan carpet, sofa, or ethnographic objects, your choice will be a statement of style and luxury. With NORA, you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience in style and comfort.


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Dimensions 36.6 × 29.13 × 43.3 in



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Leather full grain / designed and produced in Italy