ANAIS: A Symphony of Elegance and Customizable Luxury

ANAIS: A Symphony of Elegance and Customizable Luxury

28 x 128 x 96 ″Italian full grain leather. made in ItalyThe ANAIS sofa, a masterpiece of elegance and glamour, offers an extraordinary range of customization with over 500 color options for its frames, alongside a variety of configurations to suit any taste and interior design. Standing as the pinnacle of its design is the unique metal feet, a signature creation from the Egoitaliano Design Centre. These feet can be crafted in a range of finishings, adding a distinct touch of sophistication to the sofa.
Further enhancing its luxurious appeal, the backrests of the ANAIS are nothing short of magnificent. Equipped with manual relaxation mechanisms, they allow for the adjustment of their inclination, ensuring that each seating experience is tailored to the desired level of comfort. The ANAIS sofa is not just a piece of furniture, but a celebration of bespoke elegance and comfort, designed to elevate any living space.
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Weight 300.0 lbs
Dimensions 96.0 × 128.0 × 28.0 in





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Italian full grain leather. made in Italy