Bronze Figurine (Senufo People, Ivory Coast)

Bronze Figurine (Senufo People, Ivory Coast)

13 x 7 x 6.5 ″Hand casted of bronze.This figurine of a cultural diviner was designed and constructed by the Senufo People of the Republic of Ivory Coast. Diviners function as a key channel between humans and ndebele (nature spirits). Senufo People seek consultation with Diviners “before pursuing a new project or to prevent future calamities… They rely on artists to create works – such as this brass figurine - that will appeal to the ndebele spirits and induce them to relay messages between spirit and human realms” (Metropolitan Museum of Art 2021).

Metropolitan Museum of Art. 2021. “Twin Figurine, Senufo People.” New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art Catalog.


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Dimensions 6.5 × 7.0 × 13.0 in

19th–mid-20th century


Hand casted of bronze.


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