Door with Female ancestor Lock (Dogon People, Mali)

Door with Female ancestor Lock (Dogon People, Mali)

63 x 32 x 1 ″Hand carved from hardwood and metal.An exquisite piece of African artistry is featured here: a Dogon door, complete with an original female ancestor lock. The Dogon people of Mali are celebrated for their unique architecture, and this particular door is a stunning example of their craftsmanship.

At the heart of this door is the female ancestor lock, a striking feature that is both functional and symbolic. The lock, fashioned in the shape of a human figure, is believed to represent a female ancestral spirit, or Nommo, that provides protection and guidance to the community. The lock is mounted on the outside of the door, and can only be opened with a specific key, adding an element of security to the home.

The door itself is intricately carved with symbolic images, showcasing the Dogon people's deep reverence for their ancestral spirits. The carvings represent the ultimate source of spiritual power, the Nommo, who are seen as intermediaries between the living and spiritual world. The carvings also serve to protect the inhabitants from harm or evil spirits, and may represent the status or identity of the occupants, as well as their lineage or clan.

The craftsmanship and artistry on this door is breathtaking. Each detail is expertly carved, revealing the immense skill and creativity of the Dogon carvers. The female ancestor lock, in particular, is a testament to the intricate knowledge and deep-seated traditions that are woven into every aspect of Dogon culture. It represents a powerful connection to the past and the rich spiritual heritage of the Dogon people.

In short, this Dogon door with its female ancestor lock is a remarkable piece of artistry and cultural significance. It is a true testament to the Dogon people's reverence for their ancestral spirits, and their intricate understanding of the spiritual world. Its presence in any home or collection is sure to add a touch of the ancient and mysterious to any space.


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Dimensions 1.0 × 32.0 × 63.0 in



Hand carved from hardwood and metal.


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