Female Face Mask: Pwo (Chokwee People, Congo)

Female Face Mask: Pwo (Chokwee People, Congo)

13 x 7 x 7 ″Hand carved of hardwood; metal base.This mask was designed and constructed by the Chokwe People of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It belongs to the “Pwo” mask genre that honors founding female members of the culture. This is especially significant, as Chokwe descent lines are determined matrilineally (through female family members), which runs contrary to many African cultures. The female ancestor furnishes fertility and prosperity to the community. The face on the mask is carved in the shape of a cruciform, with glistening cheeks and a stunning countenance.
Metropolitan Museum of Art Catalog. 2021. “Chokwe Mask: Female (Pwo).” New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 7.0 × 7.0 × 13.0 in

20th Century


Hand carved of hardwood; metal base.


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