Harmonious Quadrants

Harmonious Quadrants" Pillow, No.1590 Kuba People, Congo.

23 x 22 x 5 ″Raffia, Backing Fabric, Feather Filled Insert, Metal Zipper, hand-woven and hand-sewnIntroducing the Kuba Luxe Collection's "Harmonious Quadrants" Pillow: a sophisticated and opulent addition to any interior space, imbued with the rich cultural heritage of the Kuba people. This exquisite 23" x 22" handwoven textile pillow is a testament to the ancient artistry of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, offering a transformative touch to elevate your living environment.
The "Harmonious Quadrants" design showcases an intricate composition, thoughtfully divided into four equal squares with diagonally mirrored motifs. The meticulous diamond pattern, interwoven with bold blue, black, and yellow squares, captures the essence of unity and strength, and is beautifully juxtaposed with a flowing wave design in striking hues of blue, black, yellow, and ivory.
The diagonal counterpart presents an enchanting variation of the diamond motif, featuring an inner checkerboard pattern of black and yellow that evokes balance and harmony. Encircling the diamond is a mesmerizing outline of alternating ivory and brown squares, varying in width to highlight the refined craftsmanship of this masterpiece.
Handcrafted using delicate and fine raffia fibers, the "Harmonious Quadrants" Pillow embodies the significance of incorporating authentic, original pieces into one's interior space. Unlike a mere printed reproduction, this luxurious Kuba textile pillow pays homage to the centuries-old weaving techniques and the unique cultural symbology of the Kuba people.
In embracing an original Kuba textile pillow, you not only infuse your home with the vibrant energy of its symbolic patterns, but also contribute to the preservation and celebration of this remarkable art form. Allow the "Harmonious Quadrants" Pillow to transport your senses, transforming your interior environment with its captivating design and rich cultural heritage. Experience the unparalleled allure of the Kuba Luxe Collection – a true reflection of timeless elegance and artistry.


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Weight 4.0 lbs
Dimensions 5.0 × 22.0 × 23.0 in



Raffia, Backing Fabric, Feather Filled Insert, Metal Zipper, hand-woven and hand-sewn


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