"Interwoven Elegance" Pillow: No. 1540 (Kuba People, Congo)

23 x 22 x 6 ″Raffia, Backing Fabric, Feather Filled Insert, Metal Zipper, hand-woven and hand-sewnIntroducing the Vintage Kuba Collection's "Interwoven Elegance" Pillow: a luxurious and refined addition to any sophisticated interior, celebrating the rich cultural heritage and artistic mastery of the Kuba people. This exquisite vintage Kuba textile pillow features an enchanting interlocking squares pattern, skillfully achieved through the use of concentric outlines in elegant ivory and brown hues, set against a field of gracefully flowing lozenges in a vertical arrangement.
A striking stream of inverted triangles in deep navy blue weaves through the design, evoking the refreshing sensation of water permeating the landscape. The field's primary color is a warm gold-brown, adorned with spontaneous, unintentional navy spots that lend an air of organic beauty to this masterful composition.
The "Interwoven Elegance" Pillow pays tribute to the significant cultural meanings embedded in Kuba textile patterns, reflecting the values of unity, balance, and interconnectedness that are integral to Kuba society. The involvement of women in the production of these textiles highlights their vital role in both the artistic and cultural realms, as they deftly weave the threads of history and tradition into each textile.
This luxurious pillow harks back to the remarkable accomplishments of the Kuba people in the early 20th century, when their textiles gained global recognition for their intricate geometric patterns and innovative designs. The "Interwoven Elegance" Pillow also embodies the fascinating interplay between randomness and order, a theoretical concept that resonates throughout Kuba textile art, resulting in the spontaneous yet harmonious arrangement of its motifs.
By incorporating the "Interwoven Elegance" Pillow into your living space, you not only imbue your environment with the captivating energy of its symbolic patterns, but also contribute to the preservation and appreciation of this exceptional art form. Adorn your home with the timeless sophistication of the Vintage Kuba Collection – a true reflection of the unparalleled artistry and cultural significance of Kuba textiles.



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Weight 4.0 lbs
Dimensions 6.0 × 22.0 × 23.0 in



Raffia, Backing Fabric, Feather Filled Insert, Metal Zipper, hand-woven and hand-sewn


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