Storage Vessel, (Dogon People, Mali)

Storage Vessel, (Dogon People, Mali)

19 x 21 x 21 ″Terra-cotta, Coil construction method.This large-bellied vessel is designed and hand molded of terra cotta clay by the Dogon People of the Republic of Mali. It features a beveled lip and wide opening followed by three rows of curved markings. These markings are followed by another set of sweeping incised arcs, finished by a rope-like band. The design is both aesthetic and provides a grip when held. The bottom half of the vessel is left with a rough, unadorned surface, which contrasts with the decorative patterning above. “This elegant, well-proportioned vessel is a reduction of classic Bamana-Maninka pottery-forms. The body is reduced to three dramatic planes: the lower body, the upper shoulder, and the flared mouth. The bottom two planes serve as a structural cornerstone that holds the vessel together.”

REFERENCES: Dawson, Douglas. 2009. Chicago: Douglas Dawson Gallery.


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Weight 42.0 lbs
Dimensions 21.0 × 21.0 × 19.0 in

20th Century.


Terra-cotta, Coil construction method.


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