Bushera Pot (Batwa People, Burundi)

Bushera Pot (Batwa People, Burundi)

19 x 17 x 17 ″Hand crafted from terra-cotta clayThis remarkable vessel is hand molded from terra-cotta clay by the Batwa (Pygmy) People from Burundi. It has a large, beveled lip on top for pouring. Interestingly, the surface structure of this vessel is composed of thin seams of bamboo weave that are staggered in circular rows around the object, integrating the skills of basketry with terra-cotta construction. Vessels such as these are employed for consumption of local wine in domestic contexts and during various cultural enactments. Bushera pots have a rounded body and a flat base that makes them stable for use. They often have a narrow opening at the top, which can be covered with a lid. The surface of the pot is typically decorated with intricate designs and patterns that may have symbolic meanings related to protection, fertility, or good luck.The Batwa people use natural materials such as clay and cow dung to create their pots, giving them a rustic, earthy appearance that is in keeping with the Batwa's close connection to the land and nature.


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Weight 13.0 lbs
Dimensions 17.0 × 17.0 × 19.0 in



Hand crafted from terra-cotta clay


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