Fermentation Vessel, (Nyakusa People, Malawi)

Fermentation Vessel, (Nyakusa People, Malawi)

10 x 17 x 17 ″Terracotta, roots, quartz fragments / Hand Carved.This gorgeous vessel is handmade from terracotta by the Nyakusa people of the Republic of Malawi. It features a delicately beveled lip around the opening, followed below by a sequence of flowing red marks which swirl across the smooth upper portion of the pot. Around the middle lies an engraved, circular line that aids the grip of the hands, with dense vertical striations extending to the bottom of the pot. Vessels such as this are prevalent throughout Central Africa, and are designed to contain liquids such as beer, oil, water or palm wine. Such pieces are additionally employed to honor one’s ancestors ritualistically or to occupy a special place on appropriate shrines.


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Weight 17.0 lbs
Dimensions 17.0 × 17.0 × 10.0 in

20th Century.


Terracotta, roots, quartz fragments / Hand Carved.


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