Osun: Shrine Figure (Yoruba People, Nigeria)

Osun: Shrine Figure (Yoruba People, Nigeria) - Pottery & Terra-cotta

Osun: Shrine Figure (Yoruba People, Nigeria)

18.5 x 11.5 x 11.5 ″Hand crafted of terra cotta clay, employing coil method construction.

This highly expressive Yoruba shrine vessel is handmade from terra-cotta clay, employing coil method construction and a wax finish. It is embellished by concentric rings, featuring a series of opposing half-circles alternating with horizontal, serpentine contours, all of which support a gently smiling countenance. The vessel is a physical icon of “Osun,” a deity in Yoruba culture who is typically honored within appropriate cultural rituals. “The deity Osun is a female, tutelary Goddess and likewise a war monger, peacemaker, and fierce defender” (Murphy and Sanford 2001).

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