Hashemee signed Persian Tabriz Carpet (Iran)

Hashemee signed Persian Tabriz Carpet (Iran) - Traditional Rugs and Textiles

Hashemee signed Persian Tabriz Carpet (Iran)

6 ft and 9 inches by 9 ft and 10 inches.Hand Knotted of Kurk wool and Mullbery silk pile on cotton foundation; extremely high thread count.

The design of this Hashemee signed, Tabriz rug was created during the golden age of Persian carpetry, circa 15th/16th centuries. Persian culture is world renowned for its carpet and textile artistry. There lies a peaceful, poetic elegance to this piece. It is distinguished by a floral motif in the center that is extrapolated throughout in differing dimensions, rendering it stunningly attractive. There are thirty two shades of color (rendered from organic vegetable dyes) woven into the carpet, with an extraordinarily high thread count of 680 knots per square inch. The design execution is so crisp that it may also be interpreted as a “pictorial carpet” or “rug tableau.” That is, it is designed to be hung on the wall (or laid on the floor). The process of dying and preserving the form of such textiles requires a deep knowledge of craft as transmitted via oral tradition through centuries in Persian culture.

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