"Harmony in Motion: A Timeless Oushak / Ushak Entry Rug"

W 5'-11"' x L9'-11"'Hand knotted of virgin New Zealand wool; vegetable dye employed; Turkish knot.This Oushak (Ushak) Design carpet, a woven masterpiece hand-knotted by the skilled artisans of a famous Atelier in Agra, India, transports us back to the golden era of carpet-making, where each knot intertwines with the rich cultural heritage and symbolic language of the past.
As you glide your fingers across the luxuriously soft surface, the vibrant pastel hues of camel green and ivory dance before your eyes, beckoning you to delve deeper into the enigmatic world of Oushak carpets. Steeped in history, these carpets have been highly sought after since the late 15th century, gracing the palaces of the Ottoman Empire and capturing the hearts of European nobility.
The artful blend of vegetable dyes imparts a unique richness and depth to the carpet, with each shade of camel green interplaying in perfect harmony. These organic dyes, derived from nature's bounty, pay homage to the time-honored tradition of carpet-making, imbuing the piece with an authentic soul that resonates through the ages.
The mesmerizing pattern of repeated circular geometric medallions, gracefully separated by intricate geometric flower illustrations, is an ode to the symbolic significance of these timeless designs. Each medallion and flower serves as a testament to the harmony and balance found in the universe, weaving together an enchanting tapestry that resonates with the profound wisdom of ancient cultures.
As your gaze sweeps across the border, you'll notice it seamlessly unifies with the main field, with the same medallions gracefully adorning its edges, albeit in a smaller size. This masterful integration creates a continuous flow of energy, echoing the cyclical nature of life and the interconnectedness of all things.
Measuring an unusual yet striking 6 ft by 10 ft, this enchanting carpet is destined to grace the entrance of a home, setting the stage for a rhythmic and uplifting ambiance. Its purpose is to greet guests with the warmth and serenity of ancient traditions, inviting them to embark on a journey through time, and enveloping them in the timeless beauty of Oushak carpets.



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Hand knotted of virgin New Zealand wool; vegetable dye employed; Turkish knot.


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