Magnificent 19th Century Sivas Carpet. (Turkey)

Magnificent 19th Century Sivas Carpet. (Turkey)

9 ft x 13 ftHand woven of virgin wool; Turkish knot.In the resplendent epoch of the 19th century, beneath the watchful gaze of the sultan, the finest ateliers of Sivas crafted a carpet that transcended the realm of the ordinary. This extraordinary tapestry, woven with precision and reverence, paid homage to the enigmatic cosmos, capturing the essence of the universe and its infinite centers.
This astonishing Sivas carpet unfurls a geometric symphony, where rows of medallions alternate in harmonious patterns of twos and threes. These celestial emblems, echoing the cosmic dance of the stars, are rendered in captivating shades of olive green, blues, and navy, illuminating the mysteries of the heavens above.
The medallions, bound by fiery chevron red lines, evoke the celestial bodies orbiting the central medallion, a celestial dance of cosmic energy forever entwined in an intricate ballet. In this mesmerizing display, the carpet embodies the profound connection between the heavens and the earth, a testament to the boundless reaches of the universe.
Surrounding this cosmic dreamscape, a celestial choir of eight delicate borders encircles the field, their ethereal voices resonating in unison. The central border, a majestic expanse of navy, cradles a regal procession of standing paisley motifs, each swathed in a vibrant swarm of blossoms. These intricate patterns, adorned with terracotta and orange hues, whisper a melodic tale of beauty and grace.
This remarkable 19th-century Sivas carpet, a treasure born from the sultan's patronage, weaves a tale that transcends the fabric of time. Within its mesmerizing patterns and celestial hues, the mysteries of the cosmos come to life, an eternal dance that captures the imagination and leaves one in awe of the infinite wonders of the universe.


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19th century


Hand woven of virgin wool; Turkish knot.