Kanti Cloth (Ashanti People, Republic of Ghana)

Kanti Cloth (Ashanti People, Republic of Ghana)

9 ft. 6 in. × 68 in. (289.6 × 172.7 cm)Hand woven of silk and cotton.This Kente cloth was crafted by the Ashanti People of the Republic of Ghana. By cultural tradition among Ashanti royalty, the cloth was designed to be worn for celebratory rituals. It is typically donned in toga-like style, and now the wearing of the Kente cloth has become widespread to commemorate special occasions, with master weavers of the cloth being in strong demand. The process of stylizing and preserving the form of such objects requires a deep knowledge of craft as transmitted via oral tradition through centuries in Ashanti culture.



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20th Century


Hand woven of silk and cotton.


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