Mamluk Carpet (NOA master weavers, India)

Mamluk Carpet (NOA master weavers, India)

W8'-2" x10'-3"Hand woven of virgin, New Zealand woolNOA Living Atelier revives the 16th-century Mamluk design motifs, originating from Turkey, with their master weavers from India. These meticulously crafted carpets are designed for versatile use in both traditional and modern residential settings. Mamluk carpets typically feature a central motif that radiates outwards from the heart of the rug, incorporating interconnected and subdivided shapes that harmoniously blend with the primary design element. This particular carpet captivates the viewer with its enchanting symmetry and complementary color palette. Crafted with enduring vegetable dyes and boasting an exceptionally high knot density of 144 knots per square inch, this piece is truly a testament to the skill and artistry of NOA Living Atelier.
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Weight 50.0 lbs



Hand woven of virgin, New Zealand wool


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