Magnificent Mid-20th Century, Qum Rug.

Magnificent Mid-20th Century, Qum Rug.

W 3'-6" x L 5'-7"Hand Knotted of Kurk wool; Persian knot, extremely high knot countThe Qum Persian carpet, originating from the mid-20th century, is a magnificent example of the rich history and artistry of Persian textiles. This specific Qum rug is hand-knotted in Persia, showcasing extraordinary craftsmanship and quality with 70 Raj (a measure of knot density) and the use of kurk wool, which is considered one of the finest materials for rug making. The kurk wool adds to the rug's durability, softness, and sheen, making it a highly sought-after piece.
The color palette of this Qum rug is predominantly red, ivory, and blue – a traditional selection that lends a timeless appeal to the carpet. These colors are skillfully interwoven to create a harmonious and vibrant visual effect. Persian culture is world-renowned for its brilliantly conceived textile artistry, and this Qum carpet serves as a prime example of that legacy.
The design of this Qum carpet is marked by intricate floral patterns and delicate tendrils, which dominate the composition. At the heart of the rug lies a central medallion adorned with meticulously drawn "boteh-i-miri" motifs and repetitions thereof. The boteh-i-miri, a stylized teardrop-shaped motif, is a common element in Persian carpets and is thought to symbolize life, growth, and fertility.
Surrounding the central medallion, an ivory field is beautifully decorated with an array of floral bouquets centered with reverse Boteh-i-miri motifs in contrasting colors. This elaborate design creates a sense of movement and dynamism, drawing the viewer's eye across the entire surface of the rug.
The border of the carpet features flowing floral tendrils interspersed between a series of small and wide borders. This rhythmic interplay of patterns and colors adds depth and visual interest to the overall design, making it a truly captivating work of art.
This mid-20th century Qum Persian rug is an exceptional representation of the exquisite artistry and craftsmanship that characterize Persian textile traditions. The combination of its intricate design, high-quality materials, and vibrant color palette make it a prized and timeless piece.



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Hand Knotted of Kurk wool; Persian knot, extremely high knot count


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