Tall Male Figure

Tall Male Figure "Kanaga" (Dogon People, Mali)

88 x 30 x 18 ″Hand sculpted from hardwood.This magnificent tall male wood figure from the Dogon people of Mali is an exceptional example of the rich artistic and cultural heritage of West Africa. Known as Kanaga, it is a testament to the remarkable skill and craftsmanship of the Dogon woodcarvers, and embodies the spiritual and symbolic meanings that are deeply ingrained in the cultural traditions of this community.

The Kanaga figure is a slender and elongated work of art, featuring stylized and abstracted facial features that imbue it with a striking and powerful presence. Its nudity is not meant to be sexual or inappropriate, but rather to emphasize its spiritual and symbolic nature, and the spiritual significance of the male principle in the universe that it represents.

In the Dogon culture, nudity is a common and accepted feature of artistic expression, and is associated with spiritual and symbolic meanings. This is in contrast to Western cultural norms and values, where nudity is often associated with sexuality and the human body as an object of desire.

The exceptional craftsmanship of the Dogon woodcarvers is immediately apparent in the intricate details and exquisite finish of the Kanaga figure. Its long, slender limbs and cylindrical torso are carved from a single piece of wood, showcasing the remarkable skill and expertise of the Dogon woodcarvers. The small, abstracted head with simple eyes and mouth further emphasizes the symbolic and spiritual nature of this remarkable work of art.

Overall, this Dogon tall male figure is a rare and exceptional example of the rich artistic and cultural traditions of West Africa. Its unique visual qualities and cultural significance make it a highly coveted and sought-after work of art, and a testament to the remarkable skill and cultural richness of the Dogon people of Mali.


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Dimensions 18.0 × 30.0 × 88.0 in



Hand sculpted from hardwood.


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