Coffer (Shanxi Province, China)

Coffer (Shanxi Province, China)

38 x 87 x 22 ″Hand carved from elm wood; painted.Presenting a magnificent wooden coffer of fine artistry, originating from the Shanxi Province of China. This objet d'art is a seamless blend of utility and beauty, featuring a sumptuous exterior adorned with intricate brass embellishments that bespeak its rich cultural lineage. Unlike conventional coffers, which often conceal hidden chambers, this extraordinary piece fuses pragmatism and aesthetic, offering ample storage within its gracefully articulated interior. Herein, a collection of finely crafted drawers stand ready to accommodate a diverse array of valuables, each compartment designed with great attention to architectural harmony.
Two features in particular distinguish this Shanxi coffer. The first is its extended flange ends, which not only augment its functional utility but also serve as eye-catching visual complements, guiding the viewer's gaze along their sinuous contours. The second is its intricately carved spandrels—delicate yet powerful motifs that encapsulate both geometric symmetry and organic fluidity, a good example of carving mastery.
Yet, it is the coffer's bottom apron that stands as its pièce de résistance. Engraved here are dragons—the mythological sentinels of Chinese folklore—interwoven gracefully into a T-shaped key fret design. These legendary beasts appear almost animated, their forms lending an ethereal potency and cultural gravitas to the piece.
In sum, this Shanxi coffer transcends mere functionality to achieve a level of artistic sublimity. Each element, from its brass ornamentation to its carved dragons, contributes to a transcendent composition that is more than the sum of its parts. This is not just a piece of furniture; it is a poetic manifestation of craftsmanship and heritage. A truly remarkable acquisition for discerning collectors.



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Dimensions 22.0 × 87.0 × 38.0 in

Early 1900's


Hand carved from elm wood; painted.


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