Storage Trunk  (Mongolia)

Storage Trunk (Mongolia)

33 x 30 x 19 ″Hand crafted of pinewood; lacquer finish.This storage trunk was hand crafted by the indigenous People of the Nation of Mongolia. Traditionally a nomadic culture, the Tibetens were known for inhabiting the "yurt," a portable, circular dwelling made of lattice, with flexible, lightweight poles and covered in animal hide or felt. Due to the transience of this culture, furniture had to be designed for easy mobility. Accordingly, this Mongolian trunk – which most certainly would have inhabited a yurt - is rendered from ultra-light pinewood and easy to transport. It possesses a simple elegance, featuring an attractively sparse, flowered tapestry on its front.

Evans, Christopher and Caroline Humphrey. 2002. “After-Lives of the Mongolian Yurt: The ‘Archaeology’ of a Chinese Tourist Camp.” Journal of Material Culture.



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Dimensions 19.0 × 30.0 × 33.0 in

Mid 1900's


Hand crafted of pinewood; lacquer finish.